Love of My Life

GMA Pinoy TV

Love of my life is a recently launched Philippine drama that is broadcasted by GMA Network. As its name suggests, it is a romantic series. This romantic drama is introduces to avail at primetime on TV. In this story the lady’s youngest son has grown into a rebellious man after causing quite traumatic family incident that makes his father died. It is a great drama series launched to make people entertain with romance, affection and a bit tragic. It is available to watch at Pinoy rewind.

  • Schedule:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Country:Philippines
  • Date Started:03 Feb 2020
  • Total Videos:8
  • Total Votes:0
  • Possitive Votes:0
  • Negative Votes:0

Rhian Ramos

Actress, Model, Singer

Tom Rodriguez

Actor, Singer