Sandugo is a drama television series based in the Philippines. It was recently launched. Its premise shows that it is a story of two brothers who get growth differently and then ended up being on opposite sides with each other. They both were twins, who were inclined to do some things in their childhood. However, one of those is strong and athletic and another one gets into the suffering of congenital heart ailment and needed operation. Due to this mother give the weak brother for adaptation getting in return quite a handsome amount.

They both are brothers of one blood but still, the situation makes them wage a war against each other. The whole story covers the situation and evaluation that will the brothers really begin a war or not.

If you are into tragedy, suspense, and drama then this is a perfect fit for you. it is available to watch at pinoy lambingan teleserye.

  • Schedule:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Country:Philippines
  • Date Started:30 Sep 2019
  • Total Videos:9
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Aljur Abrenica


Elisse Joson


Vina Morales