Unang Hirit

GMA Pinoy TV

This is a Philippine TV program broadcasted by GMA Network in the morning. This TV show is still continued and known as the longest ongoing Philippines Morning TV program.

Unang Balita is the name of its new segment that is related to the news at that time the show got re-structured. In 2003 June 30, its directors reset the studio set and graphics and this gets done after a year too. this TV series can be watched in Pinoy tambayan ya Pinoy channel.

This morning is something unique that daily invite new guests like the people from showbiz, industry, and such other and entertain people why their different segments. The host of this program is also great that tries to entertain people in all possible ways. the main focus of their program is to make people engage with their segments. It is actually like a talk show that forces you to talk.