Its Showtime


Its showtime is a Philippine noontime program that was formerly known as Showtime and Magpasikat. Its Showtime is the second most interactive live entertainment program that is getting aired with HD pictures, after other various shows and sports programs. You can watch this program from Monday to Friday in between 12:15 pm to 3:35 pm at Pinoy Tambayan Lambingan.

This program shows live entertainment with the help of some people who are able to dance, sing, or something alike. But before the starting of performance the person of the group is needed to introduce him or herself that should end with the phrase “Its Showtime.” After those performances, the judges daily announce winners, those at the end of the week perform again at weekly finals. Then the weekly winners get at a higher point for monthly finals and lastly the one who fins the monthly finals gets approached the Grand Finale. You can say it is like a talent show that showcases the talent of general people in the Philippines.

If you really do not have anything to do then this is a program you can give your time watching several people’s talents.


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